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FAQ AC Maintenance


There are many factors that are responsible for the longevity of your air conditioner. Any cooling or heating system is designed to properly work in optimal conditions. When it's not regularly maintained, these conditions may change. Not only could the AC unit decrease in efficiency, but it could result in unexpected breakdowns. It's important to change filters, get the unit tuned up and cleaned to prevent potential problems with your AC unit.

When is the right time to replace my air conditioner?

Once your air conditioner no longer operates efficiently, as well as when repair costs start to rise, is when we, at Air Conditioner Calgary, generally recommend replacing the AC unit.

When it is the right time to replace A.C. system air filter?

Standard filters are used to purify air and keeps your system debris free. Air filters are really affected by debris and dirt and if not get proper maintenance then you will not get proper benefits of an AC system. Washable filters are good to use and can be cleaned easily. If not using such filters then replace it if facing issues in the air quality. Maintenance by Air Conditioner Calgary professionals also benefits in decreasing energy cost, improves the air quality, reduces the requirement of costly repair or replacements and keeps your system run for a long time.

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