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Air Conditioner Installation – When should I do it?

When it comes to installing a new Air Conditioner unit, weather plays a big role. Due to Canadian winters being so cold, we recommend having your AC unit installed between April and October. We want to ensure that the power lines do not freeze, and that we can successfully install the unit. We always recommend having your new Air Conditioner unit be installed by a professional HVAC technician, to assure your new AC unit is safely and efficiently installed.

Why hire an expert to install your new Air Conditioner unit?

You want to make sure that the unit is installed safely, and properly. If the unit is incorrectly installed it could cause a lot of issues in the future and cost you a lot more than if you got it done by a certified professional in the first place. When you hire Air Conditioner Calgary your AC unit will be guaranteed by a manufacturer’s warranty, and we guarantee that the unit will be set up properly. You can be rest assured that when we leave, you are not only going to have a new air conditioner, but a piece of mind.

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